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​Only Light where its supposed to be

NorthLED origins from the Scientific World at DTU combined with strong and long-lasting ties into the Sports World.  

Our approach is therefore very different than most light producers, we love the Game and we take the Environment, Nature and our World very seriously.

This approach has led us to many developments, and we have in 2016 patented the LED2/Sportsled optical technology that still holds the base-foundation of our Ligalight solutions.

​The below movie illustrates the concept and it compares the effects of traditional lighting with the new optical modulation patents. Both solutions were installed on the same field in the same location and filmed in exactly the same way.  

See the difference (and pay special attention to the total light-effect, the light spill behind the poles and at the end of the football field) and remember that the NorthLED solution on the right side consumes about 60% of the energy and has about 20 times the lifetime of the traditional solution on the left.  



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