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Company profile

​NorthLED is a Danish company, founded in 2015 with the clear mission of creating more energy efficient and environmentally friendly light solutions.

The proprietary and patented technology is based on technology developed in close cooperation with The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

NorthLED has invented and build own solutions utilizing a state-of-the art LED technology in fixtures and frames build to purpose.

The solutions are equipped with unique illumination flow controls that purposely customize into a very low energy and highly efficient light system. 

These systems can direct the light precisely to where it is needed without delivering any disturbing light pollution to the neighbors and surroundings.

This solution provides a strong value proposition when compared to competing producers who must use additional fixtures and more power (that must be shielded off)  to obtain just a remotely similar effect.  

NorthLED delivers the focus

NorthLED ApS

Svogerslev Hovedgade 36

DK4000 Roskilde



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Svogerslev Hovedgade 36

DK 4000 Roskilde

CVR: 36548622