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Unique, Patented and Sublime Light Performance to Sports Arenas​ and Fields

NorthLED Ligalights: Non-polluting LED-technology.

ONLY light where its supposed to be

FOCUSED: Our patented solution provides an unique optical modulation combined with optical black containment components. This combination achieves ultra-high performance in a highly flexible and low-pollution LED solution.

PERFORMANCE: The Ligalight fixtures are de-facto world-class solutions, that combine state of the art technologies in a high-performance LED fixture. Invented, developed and tested in Denmark.

SUSTAINABLE: Build by top components in a modular and flexible design, makes NorthLED the leading edge. NorthLED provide solutions at the absolute forefront and next generation of commercial LED technology. We build solutions that are sustainable, easy to install and operate at the lowest energy consumption in the market.

REDUNDANCY: NorthLED solutions are truly hyper-redundant, and can be managed by a modern and open IOT interface that provides proactive and remote maintenance. The unique Ligalight illumination concepts ensures that the light keeps performing in the event of partial system failures - e.g. if a LED driver or LED array accidentally breaks down, there will still be full light coverage of the area, only with a slightly reduced effect- no black spots.


Club Chairman

"I just want to acknowledge a very well conducted project and i can speak for all members of the football club -We are very happy with the new LED Ligalight solution - it is an absolute success."


Coach and Manager

"It is so much better than the old light solutions. It is much easier to see the ball. The ball does no longer gets lost and invisible when shooting it high up in the air - we can see the colors on the field much better. We think the light is actually pretty magnificent "


City Mayor

" We can only give our highest recommendations - the solutions are made to the highest standards, and so is the service and commitment from NorthLED."


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